If smoking isn’t always your style when it comes to consuming cannabis, KushMart has a large selection of 100mg infused cannabis beverages to choose from. Infused beverages make dosing discreet and easy. This lineup of flavorful infusions features brands that specialize in craft cannabis. Each of these weed drinks offers 100mg of THC for a punch of great taste and potency. Whether you like to down the whole drink or sip it slowly, you are sure to find the right infusion for you at our Everett dispensary. Kushmart South is the premier location for cannabis-infused beverages across Washington. We partner with the best of the best to give every customer something they’ll love.

100MG THC-Infused Cannabis Beverages in Everett

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Volcanic Orange Mango by Major

Major has become the go-to name in cannabis-infused beverages. They have a long-standing philosophy of providing affordable dosing for any cannabis consumer. Because their focus is on affordability without losing potency, you get a major bang for your buck. Volcanic Orange Mango is a tasty treat that is just right for enjoying alone or dosing with friends. Whether you want to drink the whole thing or savor your sip, you won’t get any harsh cannabis taste from Major’s beverages.

Lil Ray’s Cherry Lemonade by Ray’s Lemonade

Ray’s Lemonade brings sweetness to the infused drink market with their line of unique lemonade flavors. Lil Ray’s are the ideal drink for micro-dosing throughout your day. Each Lil Ray’s Lemonade has 5mg per cap and 100mg per bottle so you can enjoy it at your own pace. Cherry Lemonade is a tart and tasteful experience.  The flavor is so delectable that it’s hard to notice that the drink is even infused. Ray’s Lemonade delivers a heavy high with real fruit flavors. By using fast-acting, full-spectrum THC oils, Ray’s is sweeping the beverage market in Washington state.

100mg infused beverages

Wild Side Blackberry Lemonade by Green Revolution

This 17oz bottle of cannabis goodness is crafted with full cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Green Revolution utilizes antioxidants, electrolytes, and fruit infusions for a hydrating high. You’ll also find that Green Revolution’s Wild Side beverages are resealable so you can sip it or save it. Blackberry Lemonade is a tasty infusion using real blackberries for a truer taste. Not only is Wild Side full of flavor and hydrating goodness, but it is also powerfully potent.

Sunset Pink Lemonade by Major

Another staff favorite is Major’s Sunset Pink Lemonade. Major offers affordable flavors and their Sunset Pink Lemonade is no different. Sunset is a dreamy drink ready to help you drift into the day. It has a real pink lemonade flavor that is unmistakably delicious. Major is one of the best beverage brands around. Welcoming them to KushMart South was an easy choice. They provide real flavor and real potency without the sugary crash after.

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