On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022, potheads will gather across the nation to celebrate what has become a marked holiday in their calendar. 420 is a great excuse to spark up and enjoy some of your favorite herb and a way to unite as one to celebrate the progress we’ve made thus far in decriminalizing and destigmatizing cannabis. Plus, not to mention all of the epic 420 sales that you won’t want to miss out on.

Join us for 420 at the KushMart South dispensary. We’re celebrating in style by bringing in local vendors, catered cuisine, and live music, and to top it off, we’re taking up to 50% off a variety of favorite brands. In addition, because 420 falls on a Wednesday this year, we will also be having 20% off all concentrates for Wax Wednesday. You’ll be guaranteed the best 420 sales on all your favorite brands this year, plus more!

Food Truck & Entertainment

As seasoned tokers, we know that food and weed go hand in hand. We’re bringing back Yummy 8 this year, a family-owned food truck serving up Asain BBQ to help satisfy your munchies. From 3-7 pm, this local favorite will be serving up box lunches made from scratch using fresh ingredients. Any purchase from KushMart South with a valid receipt will get you a free meal from the truck. While enjoying your meal, hang back and enjoy the live music that will be going on throughout the day. What’s better than scoring a deal on some fresh bud, chowing down on some good grub, and listening to some chill tunes? We’ll wait.

Exclusive 420 Drops

This year, we’re going to ensure you get the best experience and bang for your buck. While stopping by KushMart South for our 420 sale, don’t forget to check out the exclusive drops that we’ll be launching in celebration. Lifted Cannabis Co, one of Washington’s premier cultivators, is dropping three new strains this week that you won’t want to miss out on. Also, Skord will be making an appearance at the event. A dedicated company whose goal is to curate a diverse and exciting lineup of unique genetics that will guide users through the various flavors and potential effects of craft cannabis. These “pheno hunters” will be introducing four new phenotypes to the collection, all displaying exotic and unique terpene profiles. They’ll be setting up a vendor booth at the event to answer any questions and help guide you to your perfect terpene experience.

Up To 50% Off Brands For 420

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by slashing the prices in half. We’re taking a variety of house favorites from each category to blast off at half price! Here are the categories and products you could save up to 50% on. Keep in mind the prices shown are before our 420 discount.¬†


Enjoy some of your favorite flower brands at half the cost, including our Top Shelf Plaid Jacket flower, typically $55 for an eighth before tax. Or, $25 ounces of Sunfire and $30 ounces of Cowlitz County Cannabis’s Blank Bags will be discounted 50% off on 4/20.


If you’re looking to grab your rig this holiday, we have a selection of marked-down concentrates for you to choose from this Wednesday. Check out Maltby for discounts on their $60 Rosin or $40 Live Resin extracts. Also, enjoy Essential’s 420 deals on their $8 crumble concentrates. And don’t forget any additional Wax Wednesday discounts!


We’re slashing the prices on some popular vaporizers. All Cookie Carts will go on sale. These 1 gram vapes usually sell for $55, so if you’re a Cookie’s fan, this is your day to score a good deal. In addition, we are also discounting Low Orbits 1g carts. Usually $20 per cart, but we’re knocking that number in half on 4/20.


We have some exciting brands on sale that we’re eager to tell you about. Check out our discounted edibles this Wednesday. We’ll be discounting Wyld’s High-End Gummies. These usually run for $30 a pack but will be available for half the cost. We will also be marking down Lil Ray’s. If you haven’t tried one of these delightful drinks yet, now is your opportunity with them being 50% off their regular price tag of $12 before tax.


No 420 would be complete without passing around a doobie. We have pre-rolls on sale this 420, so you can fulfill that prophecy. Enjoy 50% off top-shelf Cavi Cones. These pre-rolls usually sell for $30, but on 4/20, you have the opportunity to indulge at the lower price tag. Or, looking to stock up on your supply? We will also be discounting Medusa Garden’s 1g Pre-rolls, which are typically already marked at the low price of $3 before tax.

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