Politics driving you crazy? Well there seems to be no real end in sight. We’ve got three sticky icky Indica-dominant strains we recommend when you feel your blood pressure elevating from the most recent Breaking News political scandal. Read on for our top 3 recommendations for the best weed for anxiety.

Along with recommendations, you’ll find real user feedback from Leafly. Of course, our KushMart budtenders in South Everett are more than happy to share their favorite recommendations when you stop by next. In the meantime, consider these savory strains…

1. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush has a well-earned reputation for having heavy tranquilizing effects. That’s right. If you’re looking for that sticky icky with a powerful couch lock effect, Bubba Kush might be your strain.

Bubba Kush is flavorful with subtle hints of coffee and chocolate. It will relax your muscles and ease your mind. The genetics are a bit of mystery, but its signature stocky stature and bulky bud suggest it probably is of Afghani descent. Many people claim its mother plant is Northern Lights.

What are they saying?

“Effects are classic indica; sleepy hungry and happy. A moderate dose results in a feeling just short of couchlock, allowing you to stay mobile, but at the same time making you chair feel insanely comfortable. The high left me clear headed, I was able to respond well and carry on an intelligent conversation. At the same time i was also able to enjoy the music that was playing. This weed did not make me introspective or deep in thought like smoking usually does, however during the high I found myself ‘living in the moment’ and enjoying the little things in life. Very relaxing, and the high lasted 2+ hours and ended with a great night’s sleep” – Highdealist

2. God’s Gift

Having become popular in California around 2005, God’s Gift is known for its citrusy and grape-like flavors. It boasts an impressive lineage, hailing from Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. THC content tends to run high, between 18% and 22%.

What are they saying?

Fans of God’s Gift describe its effects as helping with relaxation while making you happy and euphoric.

“Don’t mind that I’m sinking into my bed right now. Relaxing, and a fairly fuzzy brain right now…or I might just be getting tired. No energetic mind-racing effects. Pretty relaxing, vegging state right now. A movie sounds good. But the internet sounds good too. The internet is like a movie you can control. But it’s also on average a more boring movie than watching an ACTUAL movie.” – DARTH_VAPOR

3. LA Confidential

LA Confidential has become well-known for being a well-rounded and balanced strain that produces effects that many fans describe as psychedelic, yet quieting on the mind and body. It’s popular among those coping with insomnia or acute pain. Its flavors can be characterized as earthy, sweet, and piney.

What are they saying?

LA Confidential users describe the effects as relaxing, sleepy, euphoric, and happy.

“Very pretty and very relaxing. I remember this strain some time ago and I remember being extremely relaxed to the point of almost asleep. This is a true indica for your mind and body. Not strong in scent. Great for a novice smoker. Not to strong but a feel good strain for your body.” – Rx420ReBirth

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