The Legends brand, by NWCS, offers consumers “legendary” strains at a mid-level price. This cannabis brand consistently features classic cultivars, like Blue Dream, that are known to produce high-yielding quality cannabis flower in short periods of time. Their streamlined practices, and selective strain choices, allows NWCS to offer Legends flower to customers at an affordable price. For instance, an ounce of Blue Dream (26% THC,) is currently available at this Everett dispensary for $98. Prices may change without notice, check our online menu for up-to-date inventory. 

The History of the Blue Dream Strain

It’s no secret that Blue Dream is a classic. Blue Dream is a well-known sativa strain that was made in California in 2003. It comes from crossing the strains Blueberry and Haze. Word of mouth sparked this strain’s popularity and it quickly made its way to Canada and other parts of the US. Today, Blue Dream has a global following. If you are looking for a potent sativa strain, with a sweet berry taste, that may leave you feeling mentally fresh and physically relaxed, Blue Dream is for you. 


Blue Dream Flower

Strain Appearance & Aroma 

Blue Dream buds are often light, full, and sticky in nature. Every sage green nug is dripping in frosty trichomes, with yellow and orange pistils throughout. The aromatic profile of this strain is initially sweet, slightly reminiscent of berries and whip cream, and finishes with an earthy skunkiness that may linger.


Legends Logo with Blue Dream Flower

Blue Dream Terps & Taste 

Customers commonly rave about the Blue Dream flavor profile. This strain tastes as good as it smells, offering notes of berries and cream on each inhale. The exhale brings on subtle smokey and skunky notes that blend with the lingering sweetness for a balanced and classic taste. 

Blue Dream’s full-bodied flavor is the result of its unique terpene profile. The dominant terpenes found in Blue Dream are beta caryophyllene (caryophyllene) and alpha humulene (humulene). Caryophyllene appears in black pepper and is known to add a subtle spiciness to cannabis strains. As an added benefit, caryophyllene has been shown to potentially assist in the reduction of inflammation, anxiety, and depression. 

Interestingly, humulene is also found in black pepper. But, it is more commonly known for its connection to hops and for ​​giving cannabis strains, like Blue Dream, their earthy/woody flavor and aroma. Similar to caryophyllene, humulene is known for its potentially anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, humulene may also be an effective appetite suppressant.

Overall Experience

The Blue Dream strain might provide uplifting, euphoric, and cerebrally stimulating effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid might be perfect for daytime use. It may also help you get party-ready by acting as a social lubricant against anxiety. This strain might produce a balanced high. But, it does have moderate levels of THC, so proceed with caution. 

If you’re looking for a strain that might offer a heady stimulation that is accompanied by full-body relaxation, Blue Dream may be for you. Customers find it potentially helps them feel at ease with themselves and their surroundings. Medical patients often turn to Blue Dream for its potential to treat symptoms of depression, chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Legends Brand Cannabis Jar

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