At KushMart South, we aim to offer you the best indoor cannabis experience. We are committed to serving, supplying, and educating our community of canna-enthusiasts here in South Everett.  That’s why we go above and beyond to provide our customers with the most extensive and refined recreational marijuana selection in Washington. We’d like to take this time to showcase two powerhouse varieties of marijuana: flower and dabs.

Quality Marijuana Flower and Dabs at KushMart South in Everett

 Flower Vs. Dabs

There are four primary methods to consume marijuana: inhaling, oral, sublingual, and topical. However, likely the most common is through inhalation or “breathing in.” The two main forms of inhalable marijuana include flower and dabs.


Smoking cannabis flower refers to the combustion of the cannabis plant and inhalation of the smoke from burning. There are three primary varieties of cannabis flower: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Each group possesses unique characteristics and has been known to induce a range of stimulating effects. There are many different ways you can smoke flower; some techniques include joints, blunts, pipes, vaporizers, and more.

At KushMart South, we’ve curated a first-class selection of top-quality flower brands to choose from, including Artizen, Phat Panda, Lifted Cannabis, Western Cultured, and more.

Lifted Wedding Cake strain Flower
Flower | Lifted Brand –  Image Via KushMart South

The term “dab” refers to any form of concentrate. Unlike flower, dabs have to undergo an extraction process, leaving only pure cannabis extract — aka, the good stuff. Because of this, dabbing usually offers a more potent high and immediate onset compared to flower. Dabs allow you to experience the most valuable components of the cannabis plant in a concentrated form. You can see dabs go by many different names/types, such as shatterwaxcrumblediamondslive resin, and more, as well as come in various textures and colors.

Dabbing is usually performed using a dab rig; this is a glass chamber similar to a bong but usually has an attachment piece known as a banger. A butane torch or e-nail is then used to bring the banger to its proper temperature, which will vaporize your dab once placed on the heated piece.

We are proud to carry some of the finest dab vendors in WA state. These include Lifted, Peak Supply, Mountain Hi Cannabis, ECC, and more.

Cannabis Concentrates Dabs
Dab | Concentrates –  Image Via KushMart South

Quality Flower and Dabs in South Everett

At KushMart South, you’ll find an extensive selection of the highest quality flower and dabs available, with the highest quality budtenders. Not sure what you’re looking for? Our team consists of skilled, resourceful budtenders who love to help assist people with whatever their cannabis needs or desires may be.

Rest assured, at KushMart South, we have our customer’s needs in mind when individually selecting every product we put onto our shelves. If it’s quality cannabis you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. 

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