At KushMart in Everett, we believe in providing our customers with quality cannabis at a price that matches everyone’s wallets. You can find cheap weed at our South Everett location, both online and in-store. We have rotating specials going on every day of the week. When in Everett, we invite you to join us by shopping our “Cyber Monday” deals and taking advantage of 30% off all online orders every Monday. Or, enjoy 20% off the selected category of your choice when you choose to shop in-store. You’ll be guaranteed to find cheap weed deals on all of our favorite brands, including Artizen, Phat Panda, Lifted, Western Cultured, and more.

Buying Weed Online at KushMart South Everett
Cyber Mondays at KushMart

Cyber Mondays: 30% Off All Online Orders

Oh, how far we’ve come. It’s incredible that in 2022 we have the ability to call upon the powers of the internet to assist in ordering weed online. For example, to get cheap weed online in Everett, all you have to do is check out our online menu for our daily deals. Plus, not to mention all the added benefits there are from pre-ordering your cannabis products ahead of time. Could it get any easier?

We’ve made online ordering as simple as possible for our customers in Everett. Simply start by visiting our online menu, click the online order icon, pick the location you’re shopping at, and start perusing the menu. Once you’ve found something you like, add it to your cart and submit your order. Now, sit back and relax while we prepare it. As always, there is no weed delivery in Washington, but once you order online, we’ll have your selections ready and waiting for you to come purchase and pick-up at the store.

Not interested in ordering online? Not a problem. We’re still offering 20% off a selected category of your choice when you choose to shop in-store. This special discount can’t be combined and is only suitable for one category per day.

Benefits of Online Ordering

With the current state of the internet, and with the rising increase of online shopping, there’s no surprise that ordering weed online has become as favorable as it has. There are many advantages to pre-ordering your weed online, some of which include:

Privacy: Enjoy scrolling through our online inventory of products from the comfort of your home, vehicle, or wherever you may be. Ordering your weed online minimizes social contact. It’s an excellent option for anyone who is looking to shop discreetly.

Transparent Menu: When shopping our online menu, we’ve organized our products in a user-friendly way that clearly displays what we have in stock. Anyone who enjoys comparing products and taking time to look over specs and descriptions may appreciate ordering online.

Convenience: Are you stuck at work late? Pre-order weed. You now have the ability to order anytime, from anywhere. Whether you juggle a busy schedule or like the ease of ordering from your couch, you can do so with the help of any smartphone or computer.

Shop Online Discounts: When ordering cheap weed online, this allows you insider access to any online discounts. For instance, to take advantage of the total 30% off for Cyber Monday, you must pre-order your products ahead of time online. Not Monday? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy a 15% discount when you pre-order online anytime.

**All online orders must be placed 10 minutes prior to pick-up.

**Discounts do not stack.

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