The hype around the cannabis brand Cookies has ceased to stop since its inception in 2015. As the brand has grown and successfully scaled across the country, smokers everywhere seem to agree that the brand produces exceptionally potent and mysterious strains. Consequently, the Collins Ave strain by Cookies is no exception to the gold standard that the brand typically receives in reviews.

Therefore, we’d like to take a moment to feature Collins Ave by Cookies. Currently testing at 30% THC, you can come into our Kushmart South Everett location and purchase an eighth of these dank nugs for just $42 during the month of June (Effective until June 30, 2022.)  

Collins Ave by Cookies Genetics

Cookies was founded by former budtender/rapper turned entrepreneur—Gilbert Anthony Milam, Jr., aka Berner. The brand is perhaps most well-known for the iconic weed strain Girl Scout Cookies. While the Collins Ave lineage remains a bit ambiguous to date, we know that it is a hybrid strain that likely comes from crossing Kush Mints 11 with GTI and KM11. Cookies, along with Seed Junkie Genetics, often keep their propriety genetics private. Nevertheless, we can tell that these extremely dense buds might hit hard like Kush Mints 11.

Moreover, given the light coloring and robust trichome and THC content, we know that this hybrid is potentially intoxicating. Therefore, it might lean more towards producing uplifting effects that are most commonly associated with sativa-dominant flowers. This checks out given that the dominant terpene is limonene, which regularly tests high in potentially uplifting and energetic strains. Furthermore, Studies on limonene indicate that it may contribute to elevated moods and stress relief.

Additionally, consumers often say that Collins Ave produces a bright, sweet, and citrusy smoke. However, you can also smell how powerful the diesel stench is on the first whiff—something experienced consumers search for! Whereas Leafly reports that the main flavors are: tea, lavender, and cheese.

Collins Ave Cookies

Collins Ave by Cookies Effects

The batch of Collins Ave that we have at our KushMart South Everett weed store is currently testing at 30% THC. Therefore, you can bet that this strain is meant for high-tolerance consumers and/or those looking for potentially heavy effects. Moreover, Collins Ave might leave you feeling uplifted and happy through a gentle head high that may fade into soothing body bliss.

Alternatively, medical patients often smoke Collins Ave to potentially help relieve symptoms associated with chronic anxiety. In fact, one review states: “This strain has saved my life. My anxiety was crippling. This entourage of terps does the impossible. It lifts the prison that was my anxiety. Amazing.”

Collins Ave at KushMart South

If you’re looking for the Collins Ave strain in Washington State, we have you covered at KushMart South. Browse our online menu or visit our Everett dispensary to view our selection of Collins Ave and other Cookies brand products. If you don’t know which product to choose, one of our knowledgeable budtenders can help you decide what may be best for you!