The Dirty Banana Kush Breath (DBKB) strain from SKöRD cannabis is a small-batch hybrid that has gained popularity due to its complex lineage and delicious flavor. As an artisan-quality brand, SKöRD has redefined the term “craft cannabis” through exploring elaborate flavor profiles and intricate genetics. 

The strain is a hybrid cross between Kush Mints, Banana OG, and OG Kush Breath 2. While this strain contains only about 15% THC, the effects of DBKB leave none to doubt its quality. 

Dirty Banana Kush Breath Strain


DBKB Appearance 

The first notable aspect of the strain’s appearance is its packaging. The bud comes in a glass jar with a handwritten label indicating the strain name. Through the glass, customers can see the light green flower. The nugs come in the form of dense, Christmas tree-like structures. The color is a bright green with some darker tones throughout. The bud is covered in orange hairs and a thick blanket of crystal trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance. The bud is super sticky to the touch. 

Cracking open the nugs creates a satisfying “snap” that releases the aroma. Not much information is available on the strain’s terpene profile, but its delicious aroma points towards a winning combination. The Dirty Banana Kush Breath strain gives off the scent of an OG with a gassy aroma and undertones of fresh-baked banana bread. The fruit smell is subtle and slightly doughy. 


Dirty Banana Kush Breath Experience

The first inhale of the Dirty Banana Kush Breath strain leaves behind a flavor that compliments its aroma. Users may be able to taste the gassy, banana bread flavor with an earthy aftertaste. 

While the THC level is not the highest, any good budtender will tell you to pay no mind to the THC level. The quality of the effects that this strain gives off makes it extremely popular among our customers at KushMart in South Everett. 

Users may experience a potentially uplifting cerebral high paired with a sense of full-body relaxation that starts in the spine. For medicinal use, this strain may be helpful in aiding to treat health issues such as anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and insomnia. For recreational use, Dirty Banana Kush Breath may be the perfect strain for spending time outdoors, hanging with friends, and watching your favorite movies. To learn more about DBKB, check out this review by Respect My Region.

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