Look out Sundance, the Everett Film Festival is taking over the big screens Feb 17th and 18th with a curated selection of interesting and provocative international films. In its 20th year, the Everett Film Festival is dedicated to highlighting the strength, humor, and creativity of women around the world with 10 special films. There will also be film discussions and raffles at the event. Before you grab some snacks, pick a seat and get comfortable, KushMart South Everett pot shop in Southeast Everett wants to introduce you to some of our amazing edible cannabis products. Sometimes toking up isn’t an option, so edibles are excellent for more discrete consumption of our favorite herb.

12th Man Lemonade Quencher 100mg (Evergreen Herbal) – This deliciously tart lemonade is packed with 100 mg of sweet, sweet THC. Sold separately or in a pack of 4, you can share with friends or just be prepared for the whole weekend. Pace yourself, this stuff packs a punch.

Cookies Cakefetti (NWCS Magic Kitchen) – You’ve got your soda and popcorn…but do you have your cookies? I’m talking about these cute little infused cookies that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but make you feel like you’re IN the movie you’re watching. Comes in a pack of 10 with each cookie containing 10g of THC. Enough for an entire weekend of fun!

4:20 Bar Milk Chocolate 10mg (Evergreen Herbal) – This dark chocolate bar contains both CBD and THC, is delicious and is excellent for cinephiles. Break off a brick during the opening credits and enjoy the relaxing high throughout the rest of the night.

KushMart South Everett has all the special movie snacks you can’t find at the theater. We have a great selection of edibles, flower, concentrates and topical solutions. Our attentive staff is ready to help you find the perfect combination to make your trip to the Everett Film Festival a success.