In the Pacific Northwest, it’s widely suspected there are more dog owners than parents. So KushMart South Everett knows many of the cannabis customers walking through our doors have a furry friend at home. But sometimes, after a smoke session or a fat dab, all a stoner wants is to flop down with man’s best friend and attempt telepathy. In solidarity, we’ve created a list of the top five things Everett potheads can do with their dogs while high.

Staring Contest
Nothing promotes focus like a good dose of CBD. Evergreen Herbal has basically perfected its outstanding CBD/THC 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade “Cannabis Quencher,” and its effects are both motivating and imaginative. So sip on this sweet, gently acidic beverage and get ready to have the most intense stare-down of your life. The good old-fashioned human-animal bonding is a bonus.

Get Food 
Feeling hungry? Sol Food Bar and Grill and Scuttlebutt Brewing Company in south Everett are both fantastic eateries which offer outdoor seating, and that means furry friends are welcome to come along!

Scuttlebutt’s features an excellent selection of delicious seafood entrees, including fish wraps, tacos, and even baked salmon. So enjoy a slight breeze and a beer while sneaking the pup a few fries at this salty establishment. If you happen to be more in the mood for something with a south-of-the-border flavor, head to Sol Food on Hewitt Avenue. You won’t suffer any loss of atmosphere, as the patio is full of elegant wrought-iron furniture and framed by exposed brick and subtle accents of foliage. Just make sure you have some treats in your pocket to reward your pup for their good behavior post-meal. things to do with your dog stoned kushside weed everett

Get Active
This one is a total no-brainer! Take a walk, go swimming, or simply play a game of catch in the backyard—it’s a great excuse to get the blood moving! If you happen to live close by to Howarth, Loganberry or Lowell Park, make sure your pooch has a collar and identification tag on, then take a walk to one of those phenomenal dog-friendly parks! Loganberry and Lowell are both off-leash areas, which gives each of you a great opportunity to get social. And since Howarth is on the beach, low tide will provide all kinds of funky smells and sights for both yourself and the pup!

Hide and Seek
After a dab of Allen Wrench Wax by Artizen, even the most seasoned of stoners could find solo hide-and-seek by themselves entertaining! But this game is way more fun with a pal, and luckily pet owners always have one at home! Allen Wrench is bred from NYC Diesel and Trainwreck, and along with its gassy notes, it’s known for its tendency to keep consumers focused and alert. So duck, cover, and wait. After a dab of this earthy strain, you’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had waiting behind a couch.

Take a Bath
Grooming facility Dog Day 2 is located right off of the Bothell Everett Highway. So if your tail-wagger needs a good scrub, being baked is a perfect excuse to visit their fully equipped self-wash station! For those with an animal who isn’t keen on water or suds, you can always utilize one of Dog Day’s certified groomers. They’ll get the job done in half the time and leave your fur child sparkling and smelling good.