There are over 300 retailers in Washington State where you can legally buy weed. So how does one decide where to go for pot? Most often, that choice is made by what’s closest to work, home or higher education. But some will go great distances to find specific strains, infused treats and innovative extracts. 

Here are five reasons why customers pick KushMart South Everett. 

five reasons customers pick kushside parking

1. Parking

What starts off every cannabis customer’s store experience? Parking! And KushMart South Everett makes it easy with free parking in a lot with multiple spots, directly adjacent to the store. This includes handicapped spaces as well as plenty of spots close to the entrance for those looking to get in and out quickly. KushMart South Everett is located just off of Evergreen Way, right next to Lynnwood Auto Electric.

five reasons customers pick kushside people staff member cannabis store front

2. People

Kushside’s knowledgeable staff makes your pot picking decisions a snap. They’re happy to give personal recommendations based off your and preferences or restrictions you might have. All our team members have experience with and insight on the many options available throughout the store. 

five reasons customers pick kushside product wall merchandising selection cannabis

3. Product Selection

As you can see from their beautifully set packaging, our shop offers a vast selection of cannabis products. Rogue Raven, Phat Panda and SunGrown Organix are among their many premium selections. Aromatic flower, clear concentrates or relaxing topicals—whatever floats your boat, you can find it at KushMart South Everett.

 five reasons customers pick kushside dope deals cannabis i 502

4. Prices

KushMart South Everett can help find the producers you love at a price you’re comfortable paying, because top shelf shouldn’t put a hole in your wallet. If the bill is your main concern, let the team know. They’ll make it their priority to select individual items that will give you the most bang for your buck. 

five reasons customers pick kushside product selection cannabis

5. Predictability

Picture this: you walk into a cannabis retailer looking for a specific product that you’ve seen on their online menu. Then you wander around until an employee tells you that your desired product isn’t in stock! Sound familiar? Never fear—with KushMart South Everett’s new online menu, you will always know when your favorite canna-goods are waiting for you.