The FlowerShop* (branded with an asterisk) cannabis label backed by rapper G-Eazy is now available at KushMart South in Everett. This unique brand is meant to put customers at “eaze” with “full-spectrum sensory-care.” The founding team approaches FlowerShop* like a wellness brand by selling a lifestyle, not just premium flowers. While they obviously want to get you high, FlowerShop* wants to provide aroma therapy-style experiences, with mood-specific strains, presented in stunning (and sustainable) packaging. 

G-Eazy’s FlowerShop* Brand Offers Luxury & Sustainability

G-Eazy is the Chief Mood Officer for FlowerShop*. While this brand does boast about the celebrity connection on their website, there is no mention of this famous raper on their packaging – which to many is a selling point. It may create hype to know a celebrity like G-Eazy is backing this brand, but the fact that this flower can stand alone says something about the quality of the product. In true wellness brand fashion, FlowerShop* has expanded its offerings from just flower and pre-rolls to include a full list of accessories and streetwear. 

FlowerShop* offers cannabis products with a uniquely clean aesthetic. Each of their mindful cannabis blends offers different moods and potential effects that are conveniently listed on the label. Interestingly, this brand does not display its genetic crosses or terpene profiles on its packaging. Instead, they offer mood guides that can be tangible for even the most novice of smokers. Every strain/blend is designed around the mood and how it is affected with the help of cannabis. 

Premium Products 

The biggest allure for G-Eazy’s FlowerShop* brand is ultimately its packaging. When you purchase an eighth from FlowerShop* – what they refer to as a BudVase, you get premium flower in a functional piece of glassware. Every eighth is offered in a stunning glass vase that comes with a silicone, Tupperware-style, lid that can double as an ashtray and/or an incense burner! Pop off the lid to reveal a second layer of sealant, that is specially designed to keep your flower fresh. 

Once you smoke the weed inside, the vase is reusable. This versatile package is made from food-grade glass and can be washed in the dishwasher. Use it to store other bud, some munchies for the road, as a drinking glass, and more! When you buy FlowerShop* flower you’re getting more than high-quality bud, you’re also getting a statement piece to show off long after the flower is gone.

Sustainable Packaging 

In addition to their BudVases, FlowerShop* also offers pre-roll packs, called Bouquetpacks, that come in a matte flip-top box with a magnetic closure. Four pre-rolled joints are stored in each package. These classy joints are kept in resealable (and reusable) plastic tubes and come with glass filter tips that are color-coordinated to match each mood. Bouquetpacks are offered in three different mood-focused blends: Comfort, Smile, and Joy. 

In addition to offering wellness-focused strains, it is important to G-Eazy and FlowerShop* that they use sustainable and/or biodegradable materials as often as possible. They do this by storing their Bouquetpacks in child-resistant packaging that is made from Oxo-biodegradable plastics. The box is made of recycled paper, and every glass tip and pre-roll tube can be cleaned and reused. 

Interested in learning more about their strains? Respect My Region recently reviewed the OXXO strain from the FlowerShop* BudVase product line. You can watch the full video here:

Find G-Eazy’s FlowerShop* Brand in Everett 

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