What’s your favorite color? Ours is — surprise! — green. Green is about as awesome as you can be, for a color. Green calls to mind eco-consciousness and friends of the environment. Green has a personality. It even has a dark side, the color of money. Money is okay with us, but greed over money—not so much.e4303fcc662f7ca61c55affebd8cb78e

But what else does green mean to us? Weed! Green is the color of the magic herb who has claimed her spot on the main stage, no longer just a backup dancer, always off in the wings, out of the spotlight. And to celebrate her most recent victories, we bring you not Black Friday, but … Green Friday at KushMart South Everett.

Get thee to KushMart South Everett, the Everett pot shop currently on the radar. KushMart South Everett Recreational Cannabis wants you to paint the town green on Friday, November 25th, and encourages you to do this with some Green Friday deals that are only available at this super well-stocked Everett weed store.


The talented growers who supply all the wonderful products have worked hard to ensure this special day satisfies the full spectrum of individuals that shop here. All your favorites will be on hand, you can get special Green Friday deals on flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, cannabis-infused edibles and salves, and more.

Green Friday Deals at KushMart South Everett will be up on the website soon so you can see exactly what they are, but we do know they will have a plentiful supply of crowd favorites like Gorilla Glue, Pink Cookies, Purple Champagne, OG Chem, and a real buzz-worthy Maui Wowie shatter. Prices run the gamut but you can blaze up for sure for as low as $5 – and this is for pre-rolls or hard candies by the single dose.

Speaking of what we are grateful for, we’re grateful we can now stock up on stocking stuffers for the special people in our lives. Green Friday at KushMart South Everett is the perfect place to load up on sweet treats and gifts. Capsules, chews, mints and chocolates are the perfect filler for holiday stockings. Popular this year also are cannabis-infused tonics and sodas. This Everett weed shop has a ton of thirst-quenching flavors like lemonade ginger, pomegranate and Rainier Cherry.  Cannabis-infused topicals make a great gift for loved ones who may have some pain or athletes who want to chill, what better way to show them it’s more than the thought that counts with topical Body Buzz bath soaks by Ethos, topical creams and even Honu’s Pain Stick with 658.3% THC and 6.2% CBD! If someone on your list is in need of relief, you will find it for them at Kushmart Everett and they will love you for it.

If you’re looking to stretch your dollar, and who isn’t, especially on the biggest consumer holiday of the year, consider the upcoming Green Friday deals you should see on the Kushmart website, but, they have some great everyday prices, including: Get $6 grams of Cannalope Haze, CBD Yummy and Tangerine by Puffin and Chocolope and Critical Plus by LCG. For $8 pre-rolls, you can get 12th Man Down, a nice Indica Hybrid by Phat Panda, and Chem Dawg by Sweet As for $5, Driff Single by Sticky Bud is also only $5, Purple Sour Diesel .5 joint from Elements has a $5 single, as well.

We’re glad to have brought this very important public service announcement to your attention. Be wise and get your shopping started early this year, and as always, stay green! See the full KushMart South Everett Recreational Marijuana Menu here.