Yes, how to pack a bowl. And we get you, but your friends at KushMart South Everett haven’t gotten too high. “How can something as simple as putting weed into paraphernalia,” you’re thinking, “go wrong?”

Unfortunately, the answer is very, very, wrong. And to be clear? We’re not talking about using any fancy products like shatter or concentrates, but regular old weed. Because whether you refer to it as pot, weed, dope, or antiquated terms like the devil’s cabbage, it’s important that you know how to pack a bowl properly if you want to maximize the sweet Aliens on Moonshine or Pure Kush Bubblegum you just picked up from our Everett pot shop.

And hey, maybe you’re thinking, “but KushMart, I already know how to pack a bowl!” Well, this is the point where your pals at your favorite recreational weed shop have to remind you that while you are a special snowflake, you’re not the only one out there. Because the advent of legal weed means that plenty of folks who haven’t smoked in years — or have never smoked — are exploring the world of cannabis. And while edibles and pre-roll joints are certainly great ways to indulge, we want them to stop and smell the flower too!

So even if you already know how to pack a bowl. Even if you know how to pack a bowl on a roller coaster. Even if you know how to pack a bowl underwater. Just indulge us while we post a little message about the art — yes, art — of it to your the less savvy recreational cannabis customers out there. Because we’re looking to be the recreation marijuana shop for everyone, regardless of what level they’re on, be it cloud nine or the tarmac.

Don’t miss this video on how to pack a bowl — even if you’re an expert, you might learn something!