There are various ways to smoke cannabis flower. One of the most popular methods is to roll up the flower inside of a smokable wrap, including paper and tobacco wraps. One of the most popular types of wraps is Backwoods, which come in flavors such as Honey Berry, Russian Cream, and Banana. Backwoods cigar wraps are difficult to unravel and roll. However, when done right, they have a rich flavor and heavily-bodied smoke with a slow burn.

In these six quick steps, learn how to roll a Backwoods blunt with ease.

How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt

What you will need:

  • Backwoods Cigar (the Russian Cream or Sweets wraps are recommended for their smooth, sweet flavor)
  • Cannabis
  • Grinder (you can also use your hands to pick apart the flower)
  • Lighter
  • Optional: Tips or Filter
  • Optional: Hempwick

ground weed how to roll a backwoods blunt kushside

Step One

Grind the weed that you have selected using a grinder or your hands. Usually, a mix of ground flower and hand-picked small nugs work best and promote an even smoke in your Backwood.

When selecting a strain, remember that the blunt wrap is made of tobacco and will have naturally energizing properties. Try an indica or indica-dominant hybrid for potentially well-balanced effects. At our Everett dispensary, some popular indica strains include 9lb Hammer, Wedding Cake, and Zour Larry.

unrolling wrap how to roll a backwoods blunt kushside

Step Two

Unravel the Backwoods cigar. Each wrap will always have a side that has been sealed tighter. Start from the tightly rolled end and work your way toward the other end, slowly creating a divide. Be careful when unraveling and take your time.

tabacco out how to roll a backwoods blunt kushside

Step Three

Carefully remove the ground-up tobacco from the wrap. Set it aside for trash or compost. If any tobacco is catching to the wrap make sure you peel softly, otherwise a small tear can cause a run in the finished product while it is burning.

weed arrow how to roll a backwoods blunt kushside

Step Four

Sprinkle the ground cannabis into the Backwoods blunt wrap. To mimic a crutch, hold the wrap with a forefinger slightly inserted in the wrap during the process to ensure that the product is distributed evenly. This will also prevent extra cannabis from falling out either end when rolling. It also may help to moisten the wrap a little prior to inserting the weed.

This would also be the time to insert a filter if you choose to do so. There are many options for filters, with paper and glass being the most popular choices.

weed in wrap how to roll a backwoods blunt kushside

Step Five

Lightly flatten the cannabis onto the wrap for an efficient rolling process. This is where the texture of the flower comes into play – when rolling, the stickier the better. With attention, begin to press and roll into an even cylinder. When there is about a quarter of an inch left to roll, simply lick or wet the top edge with water and seal the blunt.

finished product how to roll a backwoods blunt kushside

Step Five

Wait for the Backwood to dry, or carefully use a lighter to speed up the process.

Ta-da! The finished product is a neat, slow-burning Backwoods blunt. Now that you are done learning how to roll a Backwoods blunt, there is only one thing left to do: smoke it!

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