Meet staff member Neil! Our Inventory Specialist is knowledgeable, charismatic and has a smile that stretches a mile wide. If you have any product questions or just want to know which of The Clear™ flavors will knock your socks off, stop in to KushMart South Everett and pay a visit to Neil. This month’s recommendations from Neil include Kandy Kush Turtle Terps by Honu, the Lemon Haze cartridge by The Clear™, Green Crack by Heavyweight Farms and Muse oil by Ethos Innovates.  

july staff recommendations neil honu turtle terps kandy kush bho live resin

Honu Turtle Terps – Kandy Kush

Sweet dreams are made of Turtle Terps by Honu. Who are we to disagree?

Kandy Kush is one of the terp-tastic live resin strains offered by Honu. This cannabis concentrate was made with a butane closed loop extraction process. This lemon-scented genotype is comprised of California-based strains OG Kush and Trainwreck. Kandy Kush is a balanced indica dominant hybrid with happy and relaxing effects. Although the 81.3% THC is impressive, even more impressive is the sweet, citrusy and skunky aroma.

july staff recommendations neil the clear concentrates lemon haze cartridge

The Clear Processed – Lemon Haze Cartridge

Get hazy in July with a Lemon Haze cartridge by The Clear! Lemon Haze is a full sativa strain with a memorable note of lemon peel in its aroma. The light golden tone of the oil beautifully represents the brand name’s integrity. The Clear™ is a completely solvent-free cannabis concentrate unparalleled in purity, potency and flavor. This batch’s flower was produced by Green Valley Society in Olympia, Washington and processed by X-Tracted Laboratories.

july staff recommendations neil heavyweight farms green crack

Heavyweight Farms – Green Crack

Do you feel confident in your beach body yet? Get the most out of summer with this energizing sativa dominant strain. Green Crack is the perfect pre-workout motivation! Neil recommends Green Crack for its uplifting and predictable cerebral buzz. Heavyweight Farms is “Always in your corner,” and this month, they’re in Neil’s!

july staff recommendations kushside neil ethos innovates muse stimulating cannabis body oil

Ethos Innovates – Muse Stimulating Cannabis Body Oil

Ethos Innovates has an altruistic approach to product creation, and the Muse stimulating cannabis body oil reflects this characteristic well. Each 2 oz bottle contains many cannabinoids, including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN, and CBG. Muse contains 60mg of THC and is made with wholesome ingredients, like organic coconut seed oil and CO2 extracted from full-flower sun grown cannabis. Ethos Innovates is based in Poulsbo, Washington.