Every staff member at KushMart South Everett is well-informed and ready to assist you in your purchase. Check out our July staff recommendations that will help you beat the heat and make excellent additions to any adventures you might have this summer!


Staff recommendations for July: Lil Rays lemonade edible beverages

Lil Rays Lemonade

“Ray’s Infused Lemonade is one of the world’s first cannabis beverages, and has been gaining a steady following over the past 3 years. Its flavor is sweet and tart, and bursting with flavor. The high is euphoric and energetic.”

What Colin has to say: “Lil Rays are the perfect way to get the high you want and need quick efficiently and with a yummy flavor too boot.”

What Mitchell has to say: “I love the variety of the lemonades they carry and the potency per oz is really nice too!”

What Montana has to say: “I love Lil Rays! There is no aftertaste and they hit so quick.”


Staff recommendations for July: Pioneer Squares edibles

Pioneer Squares

Pioneer Squares are artisan fruit chew that are sure to satisfy while giving a sweet edible high. Pectin-based, vegan, gluten-free and Kosher certified our chews are about to be your new favorite edibles! Low dose THC and CBD serving sizes provide easy control of your THC intake. Try all our fruit varieties: Pineapple Crush, Sour Cherry, Lemon-Mandarin, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon-Kiwi, and the award-winning Black & Blueberry!”

What Colin has to say: “Pioneer Squares are one of the cleanest and most kosher edibles out there, plus if you like fruit you’ll love how each piece has a piece of the fruit flavor in there!”

What Mitchell has to say: “I love the buzz from Pioneer Squares.”

What Montana has to say: “Pioneer Squares are super high quality. They infuse the fruit pieces in the candies so again there’s no aftertaste and the grapefruit is my favorite.”


Staff recommendations for July: Stingers infused pre-rolls

Stingers Pre-Rolls

“Part of the Gravity Cannabis family, Stingers pre-rolls begin as carefully-cultivated, single-strain flowers grown with loving care using biologic, sustainable processes. They feature 100% cannabis-derived terpenes with no additives. Full flower pre-roll blended with live resin batter. 2:1 flower to batter ratio. Full gram Stingers joints are the perfect pregame to an epic meal or social event, and they also come in 2 x 1/2 gram tubes for that totally casual “walk around the block”. Although these little guys may be small, they pack quite the stoney punch.”

What Colin has to say: “Stinger joints are one of our most popular infused products. The name says it all they are smaller joints but pack enough punch to keep up with the full grams!”

What Mitchell has to say: “The stingers look small and disheartening but once you smoke it, it hits pretty hard.”

What Montana has to say: “Stingers !! so good, I usually warn customers that they’re kinda puny looking, but they pack a punch and smoke well. They are a little harsher than others but the high definitely makes the coughing worth it!”


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