KushMart South Everett always carries a diverse selection of cannabis products. Find out which brands made it into the top four for August below! KushMart South Everett is well stocked on all of Washington’s finest marijuana offerings. This Everett retailer has supportive staff that will find the just-right strain for you, no matter your weekend activities. Stop in today or visit their menu here.

noble farms cherry pie pre rolls kushside weed near everett

Cherry Pie is a potent 70/30 Indica-heavy hybrid with a signature sweet and tart aftertaste. Noble Farms is a high quality marijuana producer based in Tacoma, Washington. These locals know what the Northwesterners love, and Cherry Pie is a perfect example with its dreamy and cheerful effects. Statistics say that 70% of Netflix users binge-watch, and nothing makes that easier than a relaxing Indica strain. Light one of these scrumptious pre rolls to get your Netflix and chill night started off right.

doc croc cannabis cinex flower kushside weed near everett

Doc Croc is a Tier 2 producer and processor in Washington State. This bag of Cinex was particularly frosty lime green nugs with golden pistils and trichomes galore! If you want a strain that gets you revved for an intense cardio session or motivated to start a complex creative project, puff on this Sativa-dominant bud!

alis group tahoma flavors ac/dc cbd kushside weed near everett

Alis Group is a premium cannabis processor that has exclusive access to some of the best Washington grown weed available. This batch of AC/DC came from Tahoma Flavors. AC/DC is an especially unique strain because of its cannabinoid profile; it has a THC to CBD 1:20 ratio. This means that this sativa, when consumed, will not be psychoactive. In other words, this product is calming without producing a pronounced euphoria or elevated sensory experiences. Try smoking a little bit before a solving a puzzle or going grocery shopping; you’ll find you have a bit more patience.

goodship infused saigon cinnamon snickerdoodle cookies kushside edibles weed near everett
Goodship has made something inexplicably great. These infused Snickerdoodle cookies are just like Mom made them, with an added dose of 10mg THC per cookie. There are a total of six cookies per box, totaling in 60mg of THC per package. Goodship also added a slight kick by using Saigon Cinnamon as opposed to the traditional cinnamon that would flavor the average Snickerdoodle cookie. Saigon Cinnamon is more closely related to Cassia than the Cinnamon plant, and originates in the forests of Southeast Asia.