Need to chill out? For July, KushMart South Everett is featuring products to help you beat the heat. So far this month, Dream City Cannabis, Phat Panda, The Fruit of the Root and Panacea have been huge hits. Even if these products don’t directly change your temperature, they’ll definitely cool your jets—so stop by and check them out!

top cannabis products kushside dream city cannabis critical mass

Pinene is a terpene found in many pine-smelling plants—cannabis, conifers, sagebrush—and it adds a refreshing final note to Critical Mass’ exhale. This Dream City Cannabis product is sold by the eighth, and each purple package contains dense, sunset orange-laced, high-CBD flower. Critical Mass is the bee’s knees; try it out for relaxing effects and an abundance of flavor!

top cannabis products kushside phat panda og chem jar

Chemdawg and OG Kush are the parent strains of OG Chem by Phat Panda, and as you’d expect, crossing two phenomenal strains makes for an incredible hybrid. This 14-gram jar has over 30% total cannabinoids! The effects are overall euphoric but balanced, and perfect for a novice cannabis consumer.

top cannabis products kushside fruit of the root pre rolls 3 pack 619 diesel og kush

If you’re on the hunt for pesticide-free buds, KushMart South Everett has got you covered, as The Fruit of the Root offers pre-roll three packs featuring a variety of natural cannabis strains. The flower inside this batch of one-gram joints was produced by Sun Grown Organix, and each was tested at levels of up to 17.5% THC.

top cannabis products kushside panacea cannabis two pack pre rolls day night sativa indica dutch treat green crack

Panacea Cannabis has one clever approach to pre-rolls! This set of two joints includes Green Crack as the day strain and Dutch Treat for the evening, with the intention being to couple contrasting effects for an efficient purchasing experience. Green Crack is motivational, uplifting and tastes like sugared pineapple on the inhale, while Dutch Treat can’t be beat when you’re aiming for a night in and a pizza box on your lap.