Fall is taking hold across the Northwest, and the trees are beginning to change into a beautiful blast of red, gold and yellow. But here are KushMart South Everett, we’re still seeing green. Next time you’re in the shop picking up some of your favorite cannabis product, make sure and check out these offerings from Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Ethos Innovates, and Nectar. They’re our top products for the month of September, and guaranteed to please. Get the full scoop below!


Cherries Jubilee — Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Like the famous flaming desert from which is takes it’s name, this hybrid strain from Northwest Cannabis Solutions has a deliciously sweet, fruity flavor. The nugs are big and dense, and awash in bright orange hairs, and as with all the flower we’ve seen from NCS, it’s exceptionally fragrant out of the package. Testing at 23% THC, this is the strain we’re currently recommend to clients looking for a great experience on a slightly chilly fall hike. So make sure to grab some Cheeries Jubilee before you layer up and hit the trail!


Body Buzz — Ethos Innovates

After a hard workout, there’s nothing like a long, hot bath. But with its new Body Buzz cannabis-enthused soak, the magicians at Ethos Innovates have proven perfection can be improved upon. Along with soothing pure epsom salt, Body Buzz incorporates CO2-derived full-flower extract, which produces a supremely relaxing effect that’s deftly balanced between eating an edible and smoking an Indica. If you’re going to be hitting the slopes this season, pick up a 4oz. jar to have on hand for after your opening runs. You’ll thank us later.


Blue Dynamite — Nectar

Natural flavors of berry, fruit, and some smokey notes of traditional hash define this cartridge from local hardware and oil wizards Nectar. Blue Dynamite’s genetic profile showcases BC Grapefruit and Afghani Blueberry, and delivers 18% THC, along with a whopping 42.9% CBD. That means it’s an excellent way to send some lovely recovery speeding to weary muscles. Also, be a hero and offer a toke to your hungover friends at brunch. They’ll experience something even more restorative than eggs and bacon.