There are so many great autumn events happening near Everett that nobody has time to do them all! But rest assured, no matter what fall festivities you decide to get into, KushMart South Everett’s vast selection of pot products is ideal to enhance your harvest experience. So check out our top three list of local autumn attractions, along with some weed we recommends to go with them!

Nightmare on 9
nightmare on 9 three autumn attractions kushside everettThomas Family Farms used to be the Snohomish Slaughter and Rendering Plant, and local legend says one of the family’s ancestors was tragically torn to bits in a meat grinder. So in accordance with good-old American tradition, locals have dubbed the site haunted. To capitalize on that gruesome story, every fall the Thomas Family Farms hosts a bone-chilling haunted house.

With a story line that’s both interactive and terrifying, Nightmare on 9 is much more elaborate than any other haunted house in the Everett area. To prepare yourself, pick up a Green Crack pre-roll from Panacea Cannabis, as it’s sure to elevate your senses and send a lightning bolt of motivation to your core! The only other thing to remember? When you see corn, run. Trust us, when you’re at the farm, you’ll get what we mean.

Stalker Farms
stalker farms three autumn attractions kushside everettStalker Farms holds much historic value to Everett’s horror-obsessed, but it doesn’t matter if your version of dabbling in horror tends to lead no further than a weekly episode of Ghost Adventures, with one of KushMart South Everett’s potent pot picks, you’re sure to have a screaming time.

The spine tingling tale of Jebediah J. Slasher and his fellow members of the Heaven Behind Rows Church is the basis of this attraction. With eerie similarities to  Children of the Corn, this interactive nightmare is sure to set your heels ablaze as the surrounding husks shuffle and creatures cackle amongst the rows. To steel yourself for this adventure, KushMart South Everett recommends a few tokes of Avitas’ Candyland cartridge, as it’ll promote energy and creativity. But be warned: If you smoke too much of this heady number, you might up blissfully unaware that you’re covered in fake blood and wandering down a hallway with “red rum” written on the walls.

Snohomish Brewfest
snohomish brewfest three autumn attractions kushside everettThis 28th and 29th, take a break from the autumn chill and head into the Snohomish Events Center for warmth gathering replete with savory snacks and the best array of Pacific Northwest beers you could imagine. Among the picks for the fall fest are regional favorites from local breweries like Mac & Jack’s, Lagunitas and Georgetown Brewing Company, but don’t fret if you gravitate more towards the fermented fruit side of things. There will be plenty of cider options too!

The Events Center has beautifully crafted wood bars, chairs and tables, as well as vintage furniture that’s both cozy and chic. While it’s a local tradition to bring a hand-strung necklace of pretzels to munch on in between malt beverages, Java Haus will also be providing chicken sliders, brats and brownies to feed hungry fest goers. Of course, if everyone else is eating a brownie, that’s a perfect time to enjoy one of Magic Kitchen’s infused Peanut Butter Brownies. Seriously, peanut butter, chocolate, and pot make for a hat trick of awesomeness—so don’t deny yourself one of these devilish desserts.