Temperatures are rising in Washington State and so are spirits! Get elevated with KushMart South Everett this summer for the finest cannabis at a price you can handle. Sativa flower and clear concentrates support mental clarity and will get you out of the house and into the beautiful weather! KushMart South Everett’s top three cannabis products for the month of June come from the good folks at Spark, Smokey Point Productions and Artizen.

spark focus life gardens kushside top three cannabis products june 2016

Life Gardens is the parent company of this top-of-the-line cannabis producer based in Kittitas, Washington. Focus is a frosty option with uplifting and energizing effects. This strong sativa within their Spark line of products is perfect for pushing you through any workout, from a hike in the the Snoqualmie Forest to a day at Howarth Park with your furry friends. With 70 different strains of marijuana, you are bound to find something you love from Life Gardens.

smokey point production kushside top three cannabis products june 2016

Smokey Point Productions is named after the area of Arlington, Washington where they are based. Their parent company is The Clone Zone, which has birthed exclusive and superior genetics. The Clear is just one of their many concentrate offerings; one of the most popular SPP strains to date is called Dirty Girl – a cross between Arcata Lemon Wreck and Cinderella 99.

artizen dutchberry kushside top three cannabis products june 2016

Get giggly with this Dope Magazine award-winning strain by Artizen. The consistently frosty nugs and beautifully contrasting orange pistols offer a pleasing visual, while the sweet and slightly acidic flavors will keep you coming back for more. The Dutch Treat and Blueberry cross is a 60/40 Sativa-leaning strain. Combine with a long walk along the Puget Sound or blackberry picking for a match made in heaven.

Featured budtender: Mozell