Lifted Cannabis Co is the premier Washington grower proving that the Pacific Northwest is the place to be for quality weed. Lifted cultivates their cannabis in their Tacoma facility where they hold strict standards. Their focus is on crafting the best of the best in concentrates and flower. You can get Lifted at your favorite Everett dispensary, KushMart South. Head over to our online menu to see our selection, or continue reading to learn about some of the popular Lifted products at our Everett weed store.

You’ll find that Lifted Cannabis Co has the art of growing down to a science. Quality is always the top goal at Lifted. The Tacoma-based company doesn’t just grow the best buds, they also match potency and affordability. Lifted crafts concentrates, cartridges, flower, pre-rolls, and sugar sticks, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Their state-of-the-art facility means they have room to continue to grow both the business and buds. 

Lifted Cannabis Co at KushMart South

Lifted Designer Runtz

Designer Runtz has a name that is recognized anywhere. It is a cross of Runtz and Luxurotti, which has Biscotti and Strawberry & Cream parents. The Designer Runtz strain is a richly flavored cultivar that tops the Lifted Small Batch list. Designer Runtz smokes smooth with a sweet finish. As an indica-leaning strain, it also offers immediate relief from insomnia and stress. You can melt away into the thick haze of smoke from Designer Runtz’s trichome heavy buds. 

Lifted Nerds Cured Cart 

Lifted’s Cured Carts are a discreet way to enjoy their premium concentrates without the hassle. The Nerdz Cured Cart is a potent option for smoking. Nerdz has an initial spiced aroma when first smoking. The most described aroma is a spicy hash smell. After the spice leaves your senses, you are met with a rich berry flavor. Lifted Cannabis Co’s Cured Carts are a truly explosive experience with a high THC percentage. The Nerdz cart tests at 72% THC which may be ideal to assist you throughout the day. Nerdz produces a potentially creative and cerebral high that is both relaxing and restful. 

Lifted Luxury Boysenberry Crem Brûlée 

Boysenberry Crem Brûlée is a dense and sticky strain from Lifted’s Luxury lineup. Lifted Cannabis Co has crafted this exotic strain from a Wedding Cake and Guava Dawg cross. Boysenberry Creme Brûlée makes the perfect sweet treat for any consumer. It has both a sweet taste and aroma that is stronger than most strains. As the name implies, this strain has a lush, ripe berry aroma that is undercut by a deep creaminess. You’ll find hints of sweet sugar hidden within the bright fruit flavor. Boysenberry Creme Brûlée may ease you into a full-body high. You might find yourself feeling potentially light and airy while enjoying this strain. Lifted has perfected the art of exotic cannabis with its flavorful addition to the Luxury Line. 

Lifted Cement Shoes 

Animal Cookies x OGKB x Wet Dream cross to create this potentially heavily sedative strain. Cement Shoes may have you feeling like you’re tied to the ground by offering a heavy physical high. This strain is not to be taken lightly and may smack with real relief. If couch lock were a strain, it may be Cement Shoes. This is part of Lifted’s Signature Line of cannabis flower. The Cement Shoes strain has resinous, deep green buds and dark hairs. You might find Cement Shoes ideal for evening enjoyment when you don’t have much to do. 

Lifted Gumbo 


Gumbo is a newly introduced cultivar from Lifted Cannabis Co. This strain has little known about its parentage but most agree it has a skunky profile. Gumbo is a pop of flavor. It has a hint of sweet bubble gum before the powerful skunk profile takes over. This strain has a few tricks up its sleeve as it may deliver a sneaky body high. You may find yourself potentially drifting into dreamland while feeling physically aroused. Gumbo may be the perfect late-night snack for ultimate satisfaction. 

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