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The word “Concentrate” can have many meanings in the cannabis business. It covers hash butane oil, kief, wax, tinctures, dabs, rick simpson oil or ,CO2  As recreational dispensaries become more mainstream   more people are trying these different forms of marijuana concentrates in Everette Washington and at Kushmart we are here to show you the different options that available in our weed shop  located in South Everette.

Marijuana Concentrates can be extracted in a variety of ways from the cannabis plant, leaving behind a product with high concentrations of THC. Some varieties of concentrates can test as high as eighty  percent, while others will have large  amounts of non-psychoactive substances like CBD which is used mostly for medicinal patients and does not deliver the buzz of normal weed products.


Here are other types of Cannabis Concentrates you will find at Kushmart.


Marijuana Wax or Butane Hash Oil (BHO) 

Butane hash oil also known as  BHO, is a very highly potent form of concentrate popularly consumed for dabbing and other vaporization techniques. Cannabinoid’s are pulled out of the cannabis plant using butane extraction, which leaves behind a waxy substance that will either maintain its sticky texture or harden up, which results in a crumbly “honeycomb” or a glass-like “shatter”. Because the THC content can be up to 80 percent, BHO is very popular for people who have different types of pain.  Before using Marijuana Wax or BHO  always make sure that it is properly tested in a certified state lab like all of our products at Kushmart. If cannabis wax is not purged correctly it can contain traces of butane which is not considered healthy for your lungs.



Kief, which also goes by the name of dry sift or pollen, is made up of the resin glands found in the trichomes of cannabis  flowers. These glands contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that bring a diversity of effects and flavors to various pot strains. Kief is often used to make hash. Some smokers collect kief in a grinder and mix it with their weed for a more potent high.


Hash has been around for ever. It is a weed concentrate that is made by compression of the plants resin glands. The powdery kief that encompasses  your cannabis plants can be collected and pressed together to form the hash or other solvents such as ice water or ethanol  can be used to more efficiently  remove the plant of their cannabinoid-crusted crystals. Hash is not as potent as BHO and other concentrates but it’s use and  popularity remains strong  around the globe.


Marijuana Hash Everette

marijuana concentrates Everette


One of our most sought after products at Kushmart is CO2  OIL, a concentrate that is made possible by expensive botanical extractor’s that use pressure and carbon dioxide to separate marijuana plant material. This method, called super-critical fluid extraction is one of the best ways of minimizing marijuana to its root compounds. The amber oil it produces can be vaporized in a different number of ways, one of the most popular being the new in demand  portable vaporizer pens.

Some of the recreational markets best sellers are disposable cartridges infused with CO2 oil and a medical-grade solvent called polypropylenetlycol, which is used to give the oil its liquid consistency.


marijuana concentrates Everette

Marijuana Concentrates Everette


Tinctures in Everette Dispensaries 

Tinctures did not become illegal until 1937 and were the most common form of cannabis medicine in the United States of America. A tincture is a liquid concentrate made through alcohol extraction, which takes out many of the marijuana plant’s useful cannabinoids. All you need is a few drops under the tongue for the medication to take its effect. The good thing is that you can apply more drops if needed since it is impossible to overdose on cannabis. Tinctures are a great way for people to get their medication if they prefer not to smoke weed.




Marijuana Tinctures Everette

Marijuana Concentrates Everette

Rick Simpson Oil or  (RSO)

In 2003 a well know marijuana advocate named Rick Simpson treated his skin cancer using a off the shelf remedy made from cannabis extracts. By soaking the cannabis in pure naphtha or isopropyl alcohol, the therapeutic compounds are removed from the plant, which leaves a tar-like substance after the solvent fully evaporates. Rick Simpson Oil  which also goes by the name of Phoenix Tears can be used by the mouth  or applied directly to your skin. Many of Kushmarts vendors have different versions of Rick Simpson Oil. Some are high in CBD while others are high in THC which is the non-psychoactive form of the cannabis plant.


marijuana concentrates Everette


If you have any questions about our marijuana extracts or marijuana wax feel free to drop by Kushmart at 1or call us at 253-314-5133. Click Here to see our current menu of high quality concentrates.


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