The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to celebrate! So if you’ve always wanted to host a holiday party but you hated the stress that comes with it, your favorite Everett pot shop has some tips that’ll make it easier and more fun for you. And if you’re looking for weed near Everett, be sure to stop by KushMart South Everett, one of Washington’s best recreational pot shops, to pick up some cannabis products for your party. Read on for some easy steps to a successful, stress-free holiday party!

The first step is ensuring that you’ve got all the right decorations to put your guests in a festive mood, so after you’ve sent your invites, swing through Party City at 1402 SE Everett Mall Way. The next step is to decide exactly what kind of gathering you want to have, meaning relaxed, or wild. If you decide to go the wild route?KushMart South Everett Guide to Holiday Hosting

Move the furniture out of the way, as it’ll prompt people to stay standing and not succumb to couch lock. Of course, to make sure your guests are well oiled, swing through Whistle Stop Grocery & Deli at 5626 134th Pl SE, and bring home some fantastic growlers of micro brews.

Now, regardless of what kind of gathering you’re aiming to throw, the friendly budtenders at KushMart South Everett all recommend scattering some choice pre-rolls around the area. We’re big fans of the Oger’s 12th Man DownTop Shelf’s Lemon OG Clear, and G FarmaLabs G-Stick Sativa. And we think Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ Cherries Jubilee makes a perfect beginning, middle or end to any smoke session.

KushMart South Everett Guide to Holiday Hosting

If there is pot, there has to be music. So after picking up some strains from KushMart South Everett, start picking your favorite music and put together a playlist. Better yet, have one — or a couple — of your most musically inclined friends play DJ for the night.

That’ll allow you to focus on your guests and also make sure folks can submit requests. Also, make sure to place your speakers at different sides of the room, which will help create a full sound.

Seriously, if you get everyone high enough, and play them some good music? Your party will be a hit.

And while music is The key to a stress-free party is to choose easy, delicious food to serve. Remember, if you have an atmosphere that’s largely Rogue Raven’s Blue Dream, raw cucumber will taste better than steak, but don’t shortchange your guests. Grab some wings from Ezell’s Famous Chicken at 18001 Bothell Everett Highway, and some pies from Major League Pizza at 2811 Colby Ave, and prepared to be showered in complements.

So that’s the quickest recipe for an easy holiday party. But if you have any questions, feel free to swing through Everett’s best recreational weed shop, and KushMart South Everett’s budtenders will deliver more tips from behind the counter. Happy Holidays!