Noble Farms is a family-owned and operated indoor urban farm in the heart of Tacoma, Washington. These recreational cannabis producers use hand-on growing methods to cultivate connoisseur-grade cannabis flower. The goal of this farm is to be intentional in its approach to cannabis cultivation. As a result, Noble Farms produces pesticide-free cannabis products for Washington consumers. Instead of pesticides, this brand uses beneficial insects like ladybugs, assassin bugs, and nematodes to fend off unwanted (and harmful) pests. Health-conscious stones can find peace of mind knowing that cannabis from Nobel Farms tastes fresh, hits hard, and is completely free of harmful chemicals. This quality cannabis comes with an affordable price tag, making it the perfect addition to any rotation.  

Noble Farms: Hand-Grown Craft Cannabis

Noble Farms says they strive to “be noble” in everything they do. In addition to being committed to staying pesticide-free, plants from Nobel Farms are also hand-watered, staked, and pruned in sterile coco. This farm is old-school in its values and its grow techniques and pulls from a deep wealth of knowledge stemming from the medical days. The Noble Farms master grower, Chad Koeppe, is obsessed with the art, craft, and science of cannabis production and is highly respected in the industry. 

Nobel Farms utilized 15 isolated and sterilized grow rooms. Every grow cycle begins in the mother room where, each week, the staff cuts and processes 60-100 clones – depending on the strain demand. Beneficial insects act as pest control in the mother room only. This process ensures that the coco base that is used during the vegetation (veg) stage of production and in the flower rooms remains clean of any outside contaminants. The immense amount of time, energy, and effort that goes into this hands-on process of cultivation influences the standout flavor of Noble Farms’ final flower. 

The following strains from Noble Farms are currently available at this Everett dispensary

Noble Farms

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