The Seattle-based brand Oleum Extracts produces award-winning concentrates for consumers across the state. Oleum uses premium, potent, and resinous cannabis flower to create some of the best extracts on the market. Their name recognition has allowed Oleum to partner with an impressive lineup of growers. These collaborations have led to the production of an impressive and ever-evolving lineup of rotating strains, in a variety of viscosities, for customers to try. With over a decade of experience, it’s no surprise that Oleum Extracts regularly wins awards – including being consistently recognized at the Dope Cup. The team at Oleum specializes in making high-quality concentrates that have been known to fly off the shelves. This brand prides themselves on providing clean, pure, and potent top-shelf cannabis concentrates. When possible, Oleum tries to choose strains high in THC, CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and fragrant terpene profiles.

Regulars count on these concentrates to produce fire flavors and powerful effects. Oleum’s advanced extraction methods make oil that is high in cannabinoids and terpenes and does not contain any additives. Product packaging includes profile breakdowns on every label, for each batch they produce. As an added benefit to customers, the cardboard packaging is easy to open. Allowing consumers to access the extracts within without damaging the potency label on the back. Oleum consistently pulls from their roots in the medical cannabis community. They focus on creating products that meet the demands of those in need of clean, potent, and consistent cannabis concentrates.

The team is always looking for innovative ways to provide the best extracts to retailers like KushMart South, and our customers. Their hard work, passion, persistence, and quality makes us proud to offer Oleum Extracts at this Everett dispensary.


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Oleum Extracts Products Line 

This premium brand offers almost anything you can think of in terms of concentrate types: sugar resin infused pre-rolls, honey crystal, live resin, cold cured, Cryotek, THCA crystalline, distillate, live resin vape carts, and more! Oleum Extracts continues to partner with some of the best farms in Washington including Lifted Cannabis Co., Sweetwater Farms, SoulShine Cannabis, House of Cultivar, and many others to create their expansive product line. 

Oleum Extracts Sugar Cones

Sugar Cone – Infused Pre-Rolls 

Sugar Cones are Oleum’s award winning, premium infused pre-rolls. Oleum’s Sugar Cones are perfect for concentrate-curious consumers looking to dip their toe into the waters of highly potent extracts. These joints are filled with dry cured cannabis flower and blended with Oleum’s finest sugar resin concentrate. Oleum’s Sugar Cones are rolled with intention and created to burn evenly without clogging. 

Oleum Extracts Honey Crystals

Honey Crystals 

If you are looking to try an OG Oleum product, the Honey Crystals are for you. As Oleum Extract’s first concentrate on the market, this product sets the standard for quality and value. Honey Crystal concentrates are clean and consistent; offering customers a smooth taste that comes in a plethora of rotating strains that keep customers coming back for more. 

Oleum’s Honey Crystal concentrates are high in cannabinoids and fully dewaxed – meaning the naturally occurring fats, waxes and other impurities are removed from the extracted oil. A low temperature is used during production to remove these impurities while still ensuring the flavor comes out clearly (and hits smoothly). As an added benefit, removing the impurities increases the total cannabinoid potency of this type of concentrate

Oleum Extracts Live Resin

Live Resin Wax 

Oleum’s Live Resin wax is for cannasseurs that crave that living plant flavor. This full-bodied extract embodies the true terpene profile of their living counterparts. Oleum’s Live Resin concentrates are extracted cold from fresh-frozen cannabis, harvested at the peak of potency. This method of extraction produces a high terpene profile, as well as the preservation of THCa and other cannabinoids native to each strain. The result is a cannabis concentrate with a rich flavor that rivals its potent effects.  

Oleum Extracts Cold Cured

Cold Cured Concentrates 

Cold Cured concentrates from Oleum are designed to represent the bold and rich terpene profile of dried cannabis flower. Oleum’s Cold Cured extracts are produced using premium dried and frozen indoor cannabis. The frozen product is then processed using cold extraction methods to preserve the cured concentrates to perfection. This premium product offers a delectable experience that has the potential to be accompanied with a heavy high. 

Oleum Extracts Cryotek

Cryogenically Filtered Cryotek 

Last to be featured is Oleum’s premier Cryotek concentrate. This proprietary product is aesthetically appealing and visibly pure. This unique snow-cone like extract is produced using advanced cryogenic filtration processes. Customers expect Oleum’s Cryotek concentrate to feature high cannabinoid profiles that offer exhilarating experiences. This is truly one of the most innovative concentrates on the market! 


Oleum Extracts

Find Oleum Extracts in Everett 

Oleum Extracts continuously proves themselves as producers of some of the most reliable, potent, and popular concentrate brands we carry at KushMart South. While we featured their top selling products above, from time to time we also carry some of Oleum’s more luxurious product lines. These include Wizard Stones, White Walker Isolates, Rocks N Sauce, and a variety of vapes. If you are in search of these products from Oleum, please let our team know so we can add them into our rotation!

You can browse our online menu to see our expansive inventory of Oleum Extracts available for pre-order or visit the shop to speak to one of our knowledgeable budtenders. Keep in mind, we also offer rotating daily deals to all of our customers and a 10% discount off every purchase for our Military/Veteran, Medical, WA Tribe, and Wisdom (age 60+) guests. 

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