Data shows, award-winning Pioneer Square edibles by Craft Elixirs are the most popular selling edibles in Washington. The top three selling gummies in the state are from this brand and include Black & Blueberry Fruit Noms, followed by Pineapple Crush and Watermelon Kiwi, respectively. 

Deliciously Fruitful Pioneer Square Edibles at Kushmart South

Pioneer Square Gummies

Black & Blueberry Fruit Noms by Craft Elixirs are 2019 DOPE CUP 3rd place winners for Best THC Edible. Gummies are a blissful combination of tart blackberry and sweet blueberry, and contain 10mg of THC per chew. Infused with Craft Elixirs’ Rick Simpson Oil, these soft squares of jelly feature dried blueberry inside and contain CBD along with THC. Pioneer Squares are pectin-based, vegan, and gluten-free.

Deliciously Fruitful Pioneer Square Edibles at Kushmart South

Craft Elixirs’ Pineapple Crush comes in two varieties, 1:1 CBD to THC, and 100% THC. Consumers report feeling primarily relaxed from the edible. Some users report feeling euphoria s along with relief and focus. With its tart pineapple flavor, it’s no accident Pioneer Square Pineapple Crush is the second most popular edible sold in the state of Washington.  

Effects & Reviews

Consumers of Pioneer Square edibles may experience relaxed, happy, and calming effects. Some users consider Pioneer Square edibles to be a near-perfect gummy. As one reviewer described, “Fam! I must tell you about some of the best gummies I’ve ever had in my life. Gummies were so good that I bought a bag, ate a single piece, and then immediately placed an online order for another two bags because once that sweet, pink lemonade flavoring hit my tongue, I knew these wouldn’t stay on the shelves for long.”

Deliciously Fruitful Pioneer Square Edibles at Kushmart South

Craft Elixirs

Formed in 2013, Craft Elixirs calls Seattle home. The artisanal recreational purveyor of small batch syrups, award-winning edibles, and potato chips makes its products local to the area. By using simple, clean ingredients in inventive ways, Craft produces an delectable variety of flavors and handcrafted THC & CBD infusions to delight consumers. The company stands apart in the world of cannabis-infused products by offering a truly artisan line of certified kosher products. 

Deliciously Fruitful Pioneer Square Edibles at Kushmart South

Craft Elixirs places emphasis on in-house, small batch products derived from a proprietary cannabis extraction method. Full-spectrum oil ingredients come from the finest local Washington growers and contain a complementary mix of cannabinoids and aromatic and flavorful terpenes. Pioneer Square Noms are gluten-free and non-GMO. 

We are pleased to offer Pioneer Square edibles edibles at KushMart Southeast