One of Washington’s newest and hottest cannabis brands is Plaid Jacket. They’re an upscale premium cannabis provider who maintains heightened attention to detail whether they focus on their weed or the packaging it’s in. Continue reading to learn more about Plaid Jacket and some of their products that we have in stock at our Everett dispensary.

Plaid Jacket is devoted to creating the best leisure experience for high-end consumers in Washington State. They monitor the happiness level of their plants through a system called SCADA. As a result, they can see stats on important plant growth factors, keeping them healthy.  From their trim-free pre-rolls to their live rosin concentrates, the use of top-shelf flower in all of their products is a guarantee.

If you choose to smoke Plaid Jacket, it will not only be the bud, but also the packaging that enhances the session with an elevated style. Their iconic plaid box can make any sesh feel cozy and high class.

plaid jacket cannabis

Plaid Jacket Cannabis

Interested in what Plaid Jacket has to offer? At KushMart South, we carry a variety of high-potency strains from this top-tier brand. Some strains that we recommend include Emergency #9 and Ethiopian Skycuddler Kush.

Emergency #9 Flower

While it may be hard to find in the wild, if you want to experience Emergency #9,  we have it stocked on our shelves. It is a potent strain that’s recommended for experienced smokers because it contains around 25.2% THC and only 0.06% CBD. You can purchase Emergency #9 in 8ths (3.5 grams) for $55 per container.

plaid jacket cannabis

Ethiopian Skycuddler Kush Flower

This Plaid Jacket strain aptly got its name because of its creation from the crossing of Ethiopian and Skycuddler Kush strains. This potent strain is recommended for seasoned consumers, sitting at around 22.13% THC and 0.06% CBD.

While the Ethiopian hybrid parent strain provides it with a tall bushy structure, the Skycuddler Kush adds its sativa influence. Ethiopian Skycuddler Kush may help you feel creative and energized, making it potentially perfect for creating art or doing chores. Further, medical patients may find that it uplifts their mood and eases anxiety.

Similar to the Emergency #9 strain, you can purchase Ethiopian Skycuddler Kush in 8ths for $55 per container.

plaid jacket cannabis

Plaid Jacket Cannabis in Everett

Ready to try Plaid Jacket’s premium cannabis? Browse our online menu to view our selection and pre-order, and then head into our Everett dispensary to pick up your products of choice and speak to our knowledgeable budtenders.

Currently, if you order online from Tuesday through Sunday, you can get 15% off your whole purchase. However, the best online deal is on Cyber Monday, where you can get 30% off online orders. Additionally, if you are a Military/Veteran, Medical, WA Tribe, and Wisdom (age 60+) guest, you receive 10% off all purchases. Head to our specials page to view all of our daily deals.

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