A good “bud” and I were heading back from a day of snowshoeing the other day, and needed some grub and a quick weed restock. He was frantically googling “weed near me” but I said “Never fear bro, KushMart South Everett is right off 99, they’re a great weed shop and have everything”. We dropped in to visit the weed wise staff and bought a couple bags of our favorite flower and some edibles for later.
Now that our cannabis crisis had been remedied we were on the search for grub and jonesing for some pizza pie. So began our quest for the top five pizza “joints” in Everett.

1. Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria: A lot of people say this place is the real deal and I couldn’t agree more. You’ll be wondering if you’re still even in Everett with their authentic New York flavor. Have a little KushMart South Everett cannabis with your cannoli!

2. Amante Pizza and Pasta: You can’t miss with Amante. They are one of the best pizza places around, a long time local favorite. They’ve got an ample menu that is sure not to disappoint.

3. Major League Pizza: This pizza joint knocks it out of the park again and again. Another home run idea is grabbing an edible at KushMart South Everett for an after pizza dessert!

4. Romio’s Pizza and Pasta: When you’re hankering for the best pizza in Everett a lot of folks would point you in the direction of Romio’s. They’ve got plenty of other great menu offerings that are sure to delight as well!

5. Alfy’s: If you are from around here you may have grown up on Alfy’s. It’s not pretentious pizza and that is the appeal for me. Great ½ price pizza lunch special too!

Man, now I’m craving pizza again! Everett offers up some great pizza and some great 21+ recreational marijuana for an after hike smoke and snack. KushMart South Everett is easy to find right off 99 when you’re looking for an Everett pot shop. Stop in and check out their huge selection today!