Living up to its name, Pressure by Bacon Buds is a gassy, hype-deserving strain that captures attention with its unique aroma and smooth experience. The slang term where the strain gets its name originated in rap culture and essentially means “high-quality cannabis”. The Indica dominant hybrid was bred by Exotic Genetics after crossing Gary Payton with Rainbow Chip. As a result, the 25% THC strain is known for its potentially relaxing effects and complex flavor profile. 

Pressure Appearance

Like most Washington bud, Pressure is displayed in a glass jar with a large window for seeing the entirety of the flower. Through the glass, viewers can see the small nugs that are notably frosty in appearance. This is due to the thick layer of crystal trichomes that cover the green and purple nugs. Additionally, the bud has amber-colored pistols that pop up throughout the nugs. 

While the strain has a pungent aroma on its own, cracking open the nugs releases the bulk of the unique smell. Users will be able to detect a doughy, gassy, and musty combination of aromas. These smells are partially due to the presence of terpenes within the strain. The dominant terpenes in the strain are caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, and limonene. These terpenes offer sweet, earthy flavors as well as potential therapeutic effects. 

Pressure strain by bacon buds
Image Via Bacon Buds

Pressure Experience 

The flavor of the Pressure strain complements the aroma without being the same. On the inhale, notes of gas are more present in the flavor than the aroma. The exhale releases the earthy, musky notes that users get acquainted with in the smell. 

The effects of the strain might be classically Indica without being too sedative. For the cerebral aspect, users may feel social and euphoric after smoking this strain. Physically, the strain offers a potentially tingly feeling of relaxation that spreads through the whole body. 

The effects of this strain might be a great fit for social activities like parties, dinners, or celebrations. For medicinal uses, the strain has a lot of potential. Users who experience depression or anxiety may find aid in the potential cerebral effects of Pressure. Additionally, the strain’s physical effects may be beneficial for treating issues such as chronic pain. 


The Pressure strain’s aroma, along with many other characteristics, comes directly from its lineage. Firstly, Gary Payton is a cross between Snowman and the Y. The strain gives pressure its musky aroma and potentially calming effects. Through the aroma, users can also detect the sherbert that comes from Pessure’s other parent: Rainbow Chip. The strain is a hybrid cross of mint chocolate chip and sunset sherbert. 

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