People smoked a lot of weed in the 70s, and you can tell. This is, after all, the era  that brought you VCRs, pong, stylish sunken rec rooms, disposable lighters, and, of course, amazing dance parties. If you miss those days or are sorry you missed those days, don’t despair. This Friday, December 2, The Disco Ballz are bringing it all back with a free show at the Tulalip Casino. With classic driving licks, the band effortlessly capture the Motown, disco, and soul sound, playing hits from Kool & the Gang, The Commodores, KC & the Sunshine Band, Sly & the Family Stone, Rick James, and Marvin Gaye.

So grab your shiny shirt and your platforms and stop by KushMart South Everett, Everett’s cheapest weed store, to choose from our selection of premium recreational marijuana. Since you’re going to be time traveling, you might as well load your bowl with something legendary. Want ideas? Here’s three classic strains to take you back to the era of satin shirts and sativa.

  1. Acapulco Gold

The granddaddy of many great sativas, Acapulco Gold is the perfect choice for celebrating the era of gold lamé and solid gold hits. This righteously famous strain is known for an uplifting, euphoric buzz and a tasty burnt toffee aroma. Here at your favorite Everett weed shop, we’re currently carrying a killer variety from Buddy Boy Farms. So stop on in and feel the magic.

2. Northern Lights

Yeah, we know we said sativa. But many modern variations of this classic indica-dominant strain do include Thai sativa parentage, adding a fruity flavor and trippy high that’s perfect for an evening of pretty lights and funky bass-lines.

3. Blue Dream

This sativa-dominant hybrid is famous for its excellent flavor and euphoric high. Tests show that many varieties contain high levels of Alpha-Pinene, a compound that contributes to the strain’s piney flavor and focused, energetic high. Sound good? You’re in luck! KushMart South Everett carries six varieties of Blue Dream that all promise to keep you on the dance floor till the wee hours.