As one of your favorite cannabis retailers in Washington state, we are proud to bring Skord to the shelves at KushMart. Skord is a customer-centric cannabis brand focused on providing high-quality flower, concentrates, and artisan cartridges. Its mission is to produce unique cultivars that elevate the industry. The team at Skord proves in every step of their hands-on processes from picking to packaging. You can find some of their latest pheno drops at Kushmart and learn more about them in our guide below.

Score Big with Skord at KushMart South

Skord PHO Full Spectrum

At Skord the process is as important as the outcome. That’s why they take advantage of a Propane Hash Oil extraction method. With this in mind, they have worked hard to develop two distinct PHO Full Spectrum Oil options: Terp Sugar and Terp Badder. The goal of PHO extraction is to preserve the terpene profiles and ensure that you get the cleanest possible products.

Through this process, Skord has given us some of the highest quality and best-tasting terps in Washington state.  Knowing there aren’t any additives or extra terpenes means you get the purest, unadulterated products straight from the KushMart shelves. Skord cartridges and concentrates are created with a small batch mentality that allows for complete quality control.

Score Big with Skord at KushMart South


Breath mints are the delicious cross between Mendobreath and Sinmint Cookies. This creative cultivar is a potentially calming, Indica leaning strain. As a cross between two distinct strains Breathmints sits nicely at around 16% THC content. As Breathmints breathes a breath of fresh, minty air into KushMart you’ll find this a potentially relaxing experience. This strain might leave you with an energetic head high that swings into a rejuvenating body buzz.

Score Big with Skord at KushMart South


When you think of Skord you should think of diverse strains and unique profiles that the team works tirelessly to cultivate. Pheno hunting is a big part of the structure of Skord and that includes sourcing exotic and unheard-of new genetics to test. As a company with a focus on the flower, they are have developed a technique that finds the traits they are looking for to be used in a specific drop. Through that selection process, our next favorite flower is born.

Animal Cocktail Cart

Animal Cocktail is a well-balanced hybrid option in a discreetly powerful cartridge. Skord doesn’t just provide premium flower, they’ve also worked hard to master the art of extraction. Animal Cocktail is a fruity and funky mix of Animal Face and Garlic Cocktail. These profiles combine to give us an out-of-this-world flavor profile in Animal Cocktail. You can potentially expect an even-tempered body and head high with a creative and focused uplifting effect. This version of Animal Cocktail is a cartridge ready to deliver discreet dosing with your favorite vape. Skord cartridges are above and beyond some of the best on the market with the attention to detail being second to none.