Have you ever heard the terms “CBD to THC ratio” or “one-to-one ratio”  used at your local KushMart South location and thought to yourself, “I just crunched numbers all day, and now I have to do more math to get high?” Thankfully, this article is your cheat sheet for everything you need to know about CBD:THC 1:1 ratio products at KushMart!

CBD:THC / 1:1

A 1:1 ratio refers to the balanced amount of CBD and THC within cannabis flower, concentrates, or consumables/edibles. While the THC portion of the product can be a sedating factor, the CBD portion can balance it out by mellowing the THC psychoactive effects and potentially enhancing your alertness. The medicinal benefits of having a good CBD/THC ratio is potential pain relief for multiple health problems, including fibromyalgia, chronic joint pain, lupus, period pains, and a slew of other life-altering ailments.

CBD and THC together are like the perfect couple. While the psychoactive properties of THC may spike anxiety with certain strains for some users, the CBD content counteracts that with a relieving effect. You know what they say; opposites attract. This beautiful mix is what we at KushMart South and cannabis enthusiasts globally call the entourage effect. 1:1 ratio cannabis products tend to enhance many situations, including pain management and sleeping. These ratio products may also be a great go-to for leisure activities such as hiking on Mount Si, reading a novel, or doing something creative.

To break this cannabis-curated equation down further, let’s get into the science of it all. The THC portion of the cannabis product binds to CB1 receptors (a cannabinoid receptor reactive to your nervous system). In contrast, the CBD portion attaches to your CB2 receptors (cannabinoid receptors that tackle inflammation within your body). These combined functions are known to be beneficial for many situations, such as post-workout muscle aches and severe anxiety attacks. Needless to say, there are many pros to purchasing KushMart South products containing this perfect combination.

cbc thc 1 to 1 ratio
1 :1 Ratio Products at KushMart South

CBD:THC Ratio Products at KushMart South

Here at KushMart South, we have 1:1 ratio products for any occasion. Try a delicious cannabis-infused quencher, such as the Strawberry Lemonade 200mg drink by Ray’s Lemonade; this product may take your thirst for relaxation to the max. On the go? The 1:1 Runtz cartridge by Crystal Clear may make you forget about the stress of it all. Furthermore, late-night rips courtesy of the Tangerine Borealis strain by Sven Gardens has the potential flower power to ease the aforementioned day.

Now that you’ve peaked at your classmate’s paper before the test, visit us at KushMart South, and one of our highly skilled budtenders will assist you with choosing the right 1:1 ratio product to start or end your busy day. Whether it’s an online order or an in-person visit, KushMart South has thousands of products to fulfill your cannabis needs and desires.

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