At Kushmart, we understand the diverse needs of our cannabis-loving customers. While some are drawn to top-shelf flower, others prefer the high potency of concentrates, or the delicious flavors of edibles. No matter what your needs are, Kushmart has the deals to make sure you get your favorite products at a price that’s best for you. At Kushmart in Everett, enjoy “Top-Shelf Tuesdays,” where you can get 20% off select, premier cannabis brands including Skord, Lifted Cannabis, Oleum Extracts, Fire Bros, Gold Leaf Gardens, and Cookies. Top-Shelf Tuesdays: 20% Off Select Cannabis Brands at Kushmart

Marshmallow Sugar Cookies by Lifted Cannabis

Lifted Cannabis is all about diverse strains and unique profiles that the team works tirelessly to cultivate. Pheno hunting is paramount for Lifted cultivators, and sourcing exotic and fresh new genetics is engrained in the culture. Marshmallow Sugar Cookies are no exception.  This balanced hybrid draws a smooth citrus flavor with some cookie sweetness at the end. If may hit hard and have you swinging into a euphoria not long after. Still relatively new to the market, much is being learned about Marshmallow Sugar Cookies by Lifted Cannabis. Try it, and let us know what you think. Normally $45 an 8th, enjoy 20% off on Tuesdays.  Top-Shelf Tuesdays: 20% Off Select Cannabis Brands at Kushmart

Raspberry Ice Cream Cake x Peppermint Cookies Pre-Rolls by Gold Leaf Cannabis

For customers who prefer to smoke perfectly pre-rolled joints, or who just don’t have time to roll their own, the pre-roll category is a great option. Enjoy 20% of top-shelf cannabis joints and pre-rolls like the fine line by Gold Leaf Cannabis. Excellence is an everyday value for Gold Leaf and they live it in every product they put forward. From the way they craft their cannabis, to the most minute detail, the Gold Leaf standard is in every step.

Normally $16 a pre-roll, enjoy 20% off.

Top-Shelf Tuesdays: 20% Off Select Cannabis Brands at Kushmart

Sweet Chem Honey Crystal by Oleum Extracts

Concentrate is a great option for customers who enjoy high-potency products, and Oleum Extracts has mastery in developing them. This sativa extract is no exception. All Oleum Extracts Honey Crystal products go through their proprietary C-Thru filtration process to remove naturally occurring plant waxes and lipids. Due to low heat processing and filtration, flavor Oleum Extracts profiles tend to be high in THCA content, sweeter, and smoother than other concentrate types.

Normally $40 a gram, enjoy 20% off on Tuesdays.

Top-Shelf Tuesdays: 20% Off Select Cannabis Brands at Kushmart

Fire Bros Cartridges 

On Tuesdays customers can enjoy 20% off top-shelf cannabis cartridges, and Fire Bros produces some of the finest. The company has an exciting lineup of strains and different cannabinoid profiles. Want a powerhouse 90% THC cartridge? Or perhaps the soothing effects of CBD? They have it. Including indica, hybrid, and sativa.