Based in the Spokane area, Phat Panda’s state-of-the-art agricultural production techniques have helped the brand achieve world recognition for their premium cannabis strains. One particular strain that embodies the innovation and attention to detail of the brand is Trophy Wife. The award-winning strain is an indica-dominant cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. The hybrid has made a name for itself as an ultra-potent strain with a skunky flavor profile. 

Trophy Wife Strain by Phat Panda

One of the most notable aspects of the Trophy Wife strain is its pungent aroma. Cracking open the nugs releases a sweet, skunky smell with notes of diesel and earth. 

The Trophy Wife strain has fluffy, dark green nugs with purple hues. The nugs are coated in a layer of resin that gives the bud a sticky texture and indicates its freshness. Amber pistols and crystal trichomes are found throughout the bud, laying deep in the crevices and on the surface of the dense flower.

trophy wife plant


To get a better understanding of the Trophy Wife strain, look no further than its premium lineage. Triangle Kush is a fully indica strain known for its potentially relaxing and mind-stimulating effects. The strain has a powerful aroma of earth and lemon with notes of wood and spice. Typically containing around 26% THC, the strain’s high potency is passed down to Trophy Wife.  

Likewise, Animal Mints also passes down its best qualities to Trophy Wife. The strain is a hybrid cross between Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies. The Animal Mints strain has a pungent aroma with strong notes of pine and mint. 


The high potency of Trophy Wife is one reason for the strain’s immense popularity. In fact, the hybrid took home the runner-up spot for “Most Potent Flower” at the Seattle Hempfest Dope Cup in 2018. The strain contains over 25% THC. According to Phat Panda, that’s enough to make this strain potent among veterans and novices alike.

The smoking experience of this premium strain lends a flavor that compliments its pungent aroma. On the inhale, users will taste a sweet flavor with a smooth finish on the exhale, leaving an aftertaste of earth and gas. 

The strain’s indica nature means that users can expect a potentially relaxing body-high with calming cerebral effects. The strain is slightly sedative in nature, so it may be best for a night-time smoke session. Trophy Wife is also known to have potentially mood-boosting properties. These effects make the strain popular among users seeking relief from pain, anxiety, and insomnia. 

One user commented on Leafly that they “…highly recommend [Trophy Wife] for people with sleep problems or pain. Smoked a small bowl last night before bed and my back didn’t hurt as much…I slept like a rock.”

Trophy Wife at KushMart

The indica-dominant hybrid is a favorite among customers at our Everett dispensary. To try it for yourself, check out our online menu and visit us in-store.

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