The Wedding Cake strain by Lifted Cannabis is the brand’s personal spin on one of the cannabis industry’s most classic strains. The indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. The strain’s effects are known for being intensely heavy due to its high potency. With a flavor like vanilla cake frosting, it’s clear why the award-winning strain has risen so much in popularity. 

 Wedding Cake Appearance 

The Wedding Cake strain gets its name from the sparkling resin covering its nugs, as well as the vanilla cake frosting aroma it gives off. Lifted’s version of this strain is no expectation. The pale-green-colored bud has an extremely sticky layer of resin. Furthermore, the buds are dense and bulbous, with a pine tree-like structure. Cracking open the buds immediately releases the aroma of pine, lemon, and also cake. The aroma also contains notes of cedarwood. 

The strain contains around 26% THC, with limonene as the dominant terpene. The limonene is the reason behind this Lifted strain’s lemon undertones in both the flavor and aroma. Additionally, users may experience the potentially mood-lifting, stress-releasing properties that limonene is known to lend strains. 

Lifted Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Strain by Lifted Cannabis

Wedding Cake Strain Experience 

The Wedding Cake strain is known to have a sugary flavor profile that complements its aroma. Users can taste the sweet cake-like flavor on the inhale, with a woody aftertaste on each exhale. Moreover, the strain’s flavor can be compared to vanilla cake batter. 

Lifted made this strain intentionally heavy, and its high potency is one characteristic that has contributed to its extreme popularity. The strain’s effects are highly intoxicating and may have users feeling a potentially intense state of relaxation paired with a possible euphoric cerebral high. Wedding Cake also may have a long come-down where users may experience the potentially sedative properties of the indica. 

The effects of Wedding Cake are one reason why the classic strain has won awards like “Best Hybrid Flower” at the 2018 SoCal High Times, Leafly’s 2019 “Strain of The Year,” and many others. 

For medical use, Wedding Cake may help health issues such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and MS. For recreational use, the strain may be a great option for movie nights, pre-dinner smoke sessions, and hanging out with friends. 

Lifted’s Wedding Cake is a favorite among our customers at KushMart. To try the strain for yourself, stop by the shop or check out our online menu here. 

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