A popular cannabis product and term that has emerged with legalization is “mini buds.” You may have also heard this type of cannabis called “popcorn,” “minis,” or “smalls.” All of these terms describe the same thing. So, what exactly are mini buds in regards to cannabis?

What are Mini Buds?

Mini buds are the same cannabis nugs you know and love, just smaller. In other words, mini buds come from the same cannabis plant as their larger counterparts. During the harvesting process, cultivators aim to harvest the largest-sized nugs to sell for full price. However, during this process, smaller nugs are left behind and fall off larger nugs. These are often sold at a much lower price.

Mini buds are around the size of a dime or a small marble. While average or large nugs, often known as whole flower, can be anywhere from the size of a quarter to the size of a phone and even beyond.

Don’t mistake mini buds for ground or shake. They are actual nugs, while shake and ground flower are more like crumbs.

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Are mini buds as effective as whole flower?

Mini buds are as effective as whole flower. Quality isn’t compromised with the size of the nugs.

They hold the same qualities as their larger counterparts from the same plant. This includes its terpene and cannabinoid content, flavors & aromas, effects, and appearance.

Price Difference Between Mini Buds and Whole Flower

The main benefit of mini buds is the lower price tag. Oftentimes, they’re around half the price of whole flower. For example, you may find an 8th of flower that is typically $50 for only $25 as minis. Depending on your location, you may even find minis for much cheaper than this.

This makes them especially great if you’re on a budget. The low price also makes mini buds great for rolling joints or blunts, or if you just need a large quantity of flower without spending your whole week’s paycheck.

Other Benefits of Mini Buds

There’s nothing quite like cracking open a fresh jar of cannabis to be met with a large, glorious nug. The beauty of it may even keep you from wanting to grind it up and smoke it, resulting in dry flower when you finally decide to. That’s another benefit of mini buds; you won’t fear throwing the little nugs in a grinder, making them more likely to be enjoyed fresh.

Further, since they’re more affordable, dispensaries often go through them quicker. Meaning, they are stocked more often and may be fresher than whole flower.

Synonyms for Mini Buds

Mini buds is a popular term used to describe smaller nugs, but there is also other commonly used lingo. “Smalls” is often used by brands and budtenders and has caught on amongst consumers in recent years. Further, “popcorn” and “minis” are also commonly used.

Variations of these can be seen and heard, with many brands coming up with their own unique versions. For example, Artizen calls theirs “miniz,” Trulieve came up with “TruMinis,” and Redbird says “micro buds.”

Mini Buds at KushMart South

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