Whether you’re a new or experienced dabber, cleaning your dab rig regularly is essential if you want to consume cannabis concentrates safely and get the most flavor. Cleaning your piece often will ensure that harmful bacteria and mold doesn’t build up and cause health problems in those that use it. So, how exactly do you clean a dab rig?

Change Your Water Often

There are multiple ways to correctly clean a dab rig. However, it is first important to note and remember to change the water regularly. Some prefer to change it after every use, which would be best practice, but it is recommended to wait no longer than every two to three days. This time varies depending on your climate, which is why changing the water after every use is the safest practice.

How Often You Should Clean a Dab Rig

Even if you maintain clean water in your dab rig, you will still need to clean it regularly. Determining how often you need to fully clean your dab rig is dependent on how often you use it and its visual condition. If it isn’t visibly dirty, it likely isn’t necessary to clean it. However, once you start to see resin build-up, you should consider cleaning it soon. Heavy dab users may prefer to clean their dab rig every week or every other week, while lighter users may be able to wait months until a full cleanse is necessary.

how to clean a dab rig
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How to Clean a Dab Rig

Now that you’ve learned some important housekeeping when it comes to using dab rigs, there are various cleaning methods to choose from. One of the most popular ways to clean a dag rig is using isopropyl alcohol and salt. Follow these steps to clean your dab rig using this method.

You will want to separate the banger from the dab rig and put it inside a resealable bag before proceeding. However, you can essentially follow the same steps to clean both the banger and rig separately. Additionally, if your dab rig has a down-stem, you will also want to clean that separately.

Isopropyl Alcohol x Salt Dab Rig Cleaning Method

Step 1: Pour in enough isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to fill the majority of your dab rig, leaving enough room for salt and some empty space.

Step 1.5 (Optional but helpful if very dirty): Let your dab rig sit for at least an hour with the isopropyl in it. This will help some of the oil buildup come off and loosen up before you continue cleaning.

Step 2: Put salt inside the dab rig. The amount is not very important, but at least a few big spoonfuls are necessary. Epsom (bath salts) or any thicker salts are preferred and work best, but any salt works.

Step 3: There are two options here. The best option is to throw your rig in a resealable bag and shake it. However, if you don’t have a bag, you can put your hands (or duct tape) over both holes of the dab rig and shake it. Just make sure to hold on tight, and be careful not to let go. The salt, alcohol, and friction work together to rub off all of the residue stuck inside the walls of the dab rig.

Step 4: Once the walls inside of your dab rig are looking clean and free of residue, pour out the alcohol and rinse with warm water. Rinse multiple times until you can no longer smell the alcohol and salt.

Alternative Method for Less Dirty Dab Rigs

If your dab rig isn’t that dirty, but you still want it to be cleaner, there is a quicker method you can also try. You can torch the areas where the oil residue has built up, and it will burn away. Make sure to not touch any of the hot areas until they have cooled down.

Congratulations, you now have a squeaky clean dab rig that is ready to use.

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