The Wedding Cake strain has earned its place as an icon in the industry. This powerhouse strain provides potent, flavorful, and potentially arousing experiences for consumers. Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. The rare pheno came to life from Seed Junky Genetics. This strain may also refer to as Triangle Mints #23 or Pink Cookies.  With its name recognition, it’s no surprise that this genetic heavyweight has received multiple prestigious awards.  Including the Best Hybrid Flower by High Times in 2018, the Leafly 2019 Strain of The Year Award, and numerous others since its inception. 

Wedding Cake Strain Overview 

This impressive phenotype possesses high levels of THC that may influence heady and cerebrally stimulating effects. Customers often turn to this strain for its potential to lift their mood while simultaneously relaxing their bodies. The range of effects of this strain also includes the strong potential for pain-killing (analgesic) properties, social and creative releases, and/or the possible relief from symptoms associated with anxiety. 

In all honesty, the entire cannabinoid profile of this strain is impressive. Not only does it consistently test between 18-30% THC. Wedding Cake can also contain between .5-1% CBD and has the potential to show low quantities of CBG and CBN as well. It makes sense why the Wedding Cake strain is often a go-to for rolling up at a party! Wedding Cake may also be an aphrodisiac, potentially making it the perfect partner to assist you during intimate moments. These premium nugs might offer consumers long-term effects, so new users should start slow, and proceed with caution. 

Wedding Cake Appearance & Flavor 

This gourmet cultivar looks good enough to eat! The Wedding Cake strain is rightfully named for its crystal-covered buds and vanilla-cream aromatic profile. The forest green buds are frosted with a thick layer of white trichomes and sprinkled with bright orange hairs. Each dense nug is layered with a spectrum of pink and purple hues throughout – which makes this strain extremely appealing to the eye. 

The slightly spicy aroma of the Caryophyllene blends with the sweetness and earthiness of Limonene and Myrcene to create the classic terpene profile of this iconic strain. The Wedding Cake strain produces an inviting and sweet taste that makes it a good choice for canna-curious consumers. The dominant terpenes of this strain influence a rich and tangy flavor profile that is lightly brushed with peppery undertones and a sweet cherry-like aftertaste. 

Wedding Cake Weed in Everett 

Like a wedding reception, this strain is the life of the party. It’s no wonder why the Wedding Cake strain has soared in popularity over the years. At KushMart, we offer a wide selection of Wedding Cake products including flower, pre rolls, cartridges, and concentrates

This strain is always popular with our regulars at both Everett dispensary locations. To try the strain for yourself, stop by the shop or check out our live online menu today. We’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the classic Wedding Cake strain. 


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